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  • CrewSense FAQ
    Updated On: Sep 257, 2019

    Crewsense- Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why are we talking about mandating again?  Our original plan was to implement Crewsense with contract language that prohibited mandating.  The Negotiations team developed language in our MOU that would attempt to prevent it.  When we presented it to the E-Board, Stewards, and others, it was brought up that many employees see the need to begin mandating or forcing members to work when shifts can’t get filled.  We listened, and developed a second MOU and set of rules to reflect this.

    1. What are we voting on?  1st- we intend to vote on whether or not we support “Mandating.”  2nd- we would vote to adopt Crewsense and start a 1 year Trial for year 2020- all current language would be placed aside for that period.

    1. What if we are not happy with it? The MOU has two conditions to answer this appropriately.  1st- if we agree that the system is not working for us during the year we can vote to stop the trial with a simple majority vote.  Our preference of course is to give it a full year and work out any kinks or issues that are hard to expect with the change.  2nd- at the end of the year, we are not locked into continuing with it.  We will have to vote once again to keep using Crewsense.  There is NO startup costs for this system, it is a yearly cost structure.

    1. Can we still swap?  Absolutely!  In fact it will be easier than ever before.  The software allows you to not only make swaps through it, but also track all the swaps you make so you never have to worry about someone forgetting that they owe you again.  This includes swapping overtime.

    1. How do the lists work?  There will be overtime lists for 10s, 14s, and Fire Alarm A, B, C shifts.  Every time you get a shift…let’s say a 10…you are charged 10 hours.  You can always see where you are on the list.

    1. What if I refuse a shift?  You are charged the moment you are rewarded a shift.  If you later refuse it, the hours charged remain.

    1. Why 3 separate lists for Fire Alarm?  This will help on the software end of things…but also now someone who is willing to work C shifts will still have the ability to pick up A and B shifts.  Basically, it’s an incentive to work the C shifts that are harder to fill.

    1. Why will we reset the list March 1st and Sept 1st?  This is another incentive to give the members who worked all the summer overtime (stepped up) to be brought back to 0 hours for the fall.

    1. What are we doing for Military and Long term sick?  We have language to help out those members who are off for 3 months or longer so that they can make up hours missed.

    1. Am I going to get messages on my phone constantly?  No- we will fill overtime at or near the same time every day.

    1. What are those times?  6:30 AM each morning for last minute shifts to be filled.  1300 hours (1pm) for night shifts.  Each night we will fill the following day’s shifts, 7 days out, and 14 days out.

    1. What if the shift is not filled after exhausting all of the lists near shift change?  We will send out an Emergency Recall asking anyone from any rank that can work to reply.  Whoever takes the shift will not only get “free” overtime (meaning no charge), they will also help prevent either a shift getting pulled back or someone being held over if we decide to start mandating.

    1. So when do I need to take my time off by?  All Vacation shifts are to be taken off 24 hours or more in advance.  All Holiday and Sick shifts are to be taken by 0630AM and 1300PM day of.

    1. What if I am going to be away from my phone and don’t want to miss overtime?  This is one of the best features- set your App on “Auto-Accept” and the system will automatically put you as a candidate for any shift on the day you selected.

    1. What if I put in for a shift and then change my mind before the shift is given out?  No problem- just take your name off the candidate list and you won’t get the shift.  Just make sure you do it before the shift is awarded to you.

    1. What are the benefits to making this change for me?  There are a lot, probably too many to mention, but let us try:
    • Complete transparency- every action taken will be logged in the system and will be viewable by everyone.
    • Always know where you are on the list, your schedule, your time off, swaps, and more.
    • If someone takes a shift off you will be able to see it instantly.
    • Fair and equitable for all members..
    • Eliminates mistakes/conflict and therefore Grievances.
    • Eliminates looking for coverage for overtime you can’t do- allows you to plan your life more effectively.

    Remember:  We can change our initial proposal if there are things that the body would like to change before we vote. 

    Finally:  This is a 1 year trial-  we hope the body will like it and we will use it for many years, but if we don’t we will stop using it and move forward with our current process.

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